Newroz Festival 2017 - New Year Festival

 The Adelaide Kurdish Youth Society will be hosting their annual Newroz (New Year) Festival to be held on Saturday the 18th March 2017 starting at 4pm in Civic Park, Modbury. 
The Newroz Festival is a celebration of the Kurdish New Year. The Festival is a symbolic event which symbolises the coming of a new year, the coming of spring in Kurdistan and the revolution and struggle of the Kurdish people. 2017 will be the fifth annual Newroz Festival held by the Adelaide Kurdish Youth Society.
In previous years we have celebrated the Newroz Fire Festival, as fire being the theme. The 2017 theme for the Newroz Festival will be spring.

There will be plenty of entertainment for the whole family. Including live entertainment, cultural dance, food, music, amusement rides and fireworks!
The biggest aim of celebrating Newroz is to share the culture and traditions with the wider Australian community and use the event to promote harmony, multiculturalism and peace. The official date of Newroz falls on the 21st of March every year coinciding with Harmony day, further stressing the aim of promoting such qualities in our society and community.
This event was a finalist in the 2016 ‘Event of the Year’ Award in the Adelaide City Council. We are extremely proud of the 32 members of the Kurdish Youth Society who work tirelessly every year as volunteers to serve their community and still manage to organise one of the largest Newroz Festival’s in Australia. The society was also recently nominated for Tea Tree Gully Council’s Outstanding Community Group of the Year at this years’ Australia Day Citizenship Celebration.
The group would like to welcome everyone to the event and SAcommunity would like to thank our volunteer Dawar for letting us know about this fantastic festival and the work of the Adelaide Kurdish Youth Society

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