Port Lincoln Caledonian Society Inc.

(Photo: The Port Lincoln Caledonian Society enacting the settlers landing in Port Lincoln)
The SAcommunity team had the opportunity to speak to Chief of the Port Lincoln Caledonian Society, Roger Inglis as we were updating records in order to find out more about their group.
Tell us about the society and aims?
The Port Lincoln Caledonian Society's objectives have been the promotion and cultivation of friendly social relationships among its members, the fostering and encouraging of interest in all matters pertaining to Scottish national life, Scotland's history, poetry, literature, music, songs, dances, games and sports while advancing principles of loyalty and good citizenship.
Tell us about the society's history and activities?
During its existence, particularly under the leadership of the late Chief Perce. Baillie, the Caledonian Society has taken a keen interest in the recording, maintaining and signage of local historical locations, events and buildings.
Examples of this interest include the annual commemoration (since 1943) of the first landing of European settlers in Port Lincoln, the restoration and maintenance of the Pillie Kangarooer's Hut and the Lake Hamilton Eating House as well as the noting of burial places of numerous early settlers who met untimely ends.
How else does the society help its community?
The Port Lincoln Caledonian Society has provided annual scholarships to the Port Lincoln High School since 1951. This work both parallels and reflects the importance of education in the history and development of Scottish social mores.
What has the society been working on in recent times?
The society runs a fairly low-key programme at the moment however there are always activities the members are involved in.
The Lake Hamilton Eating House which is being restored receives numerous comments in the visitors book and from this we can note that the preservation of this bit of history is very much appreciated. This year a plaque was fitted to the picnic table, pine rails attached to the fence and a gate for vehicle access, we are looking next to the plaster and paintwork on the outside of the northern wall which is in need of repair.
In March, the Caledonians and museum personnel conducted the First Landing Ceremony in the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum. This was the 178th anniversary of the settlement of Port Lincoln and featured guest speakers, the navy cadets honour guard and musical plus sea-shanties entertainments.
The society continues to run activities such as their Robbie Burns Birthday picnic in January and contributes to the community with donations to the Port Lincoln Show Society.
Would you like to join the society? 
The Port Lincoln Caledonian Society is always looking for new members, contact the secretary on 08 8683 0890 and consider joining today!  

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