7 barriers that keep us from taking part in our communities

This morning I've been thinking about the concept of the "participatory divide". By this, I'm referring to the way that the world's population consists of those who actively participate within their local communities, who are engaged with local democratic processes and who are interested and involved in making the place they live a better place. For a long time I've wondered why it seems as if there are so few people who seem to be at the forefront of social change.

Dave Meslin spoke at TEDxToronto last year about local politics and community apathy. He raised some really valid points. One in particular that resonated with me was about how we have put a price tag on freedom of expression on our public spaces and that there are some amazing messages that need to be said that aren't profitable to say.

I would say that this then is where SACommunity comes in. I'm hoping that you see us as being here to help you get your messages out to the community. We are involved with all sorts of initiatives, such as the Connecting Up Directory and Adelaide NetSquared.

If your organisation would like to be listed in SACommunity, then please submit your details online. We can help you to communicate your messages via twitter and our monthly newsletters.

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