ARPA Bushwalkers

Organisation Address
54 Currie St Adelaide, SA 5000
Organisation Phone
08 8211 9711
Organisation Fax
08 8211 9244
The Secretary
Membership of the Bushwalkers is open to any financial member of ARPA Active over 50s.
Annual - ARPA + bushwalking group
  • There are four grades of day walks: D - duration of about 2 hours; C - duration of 3-4 hours; B - duration of 4-5 hours; A duration of 5-6 hours.
  • Around 4-6 walks per month, per grade are led by volunteer leaders who plan and conduct the walk.
  • A number of low cost camps are held each year.
  • Walks in Mitcham area and elsewhere
Last updated: 15/05/2017
Information provided by: Mitcham Council

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