Telstra Disability Enquiry Hotline

Telstra Disability Enquiry Hotline

formerly Telstra Disability Equipment Centre

Telstra customers with a disability that results in them being unable to use a standard telephone
May apply for some of the equipment and services available

Telstra, as the national Universal Service Provider, has an obligation to supply customer equipment to enable people with disabilities to access the Standard Telephone Service

  • Volume control telephone - amplifies the incoming caller's voice
  • Extension ringer - assists the user to hear the telephone ring
  • Visual alarm unit - for people with hearing impairment
  • Holdaphone - provides hands-free operation for people who have difficulty holding the handset
  • Braille and large print billing services
  • TTY emergency service - information regarding this service
  • Big Button Multipurpose Telephone
  • Exemptions from cost of Call Connect services - for people unable to dial
  • Telebrailler - a TTY for the sight and hearing impaired
Last updated: 17/03/2016
Information provided by: Connecting Up (Seniors Information)

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