GovHack - Adelaide - Competition Event 6 - 8 September 2019

What: GovHack - Adelaide - Competition Weekend
When: Friday 6th 6pm – 9.30pm, Saturday 7th 8am – 9pm and Sunday 8th September 9am – 5pm
Where: University of Adelaide
Level 2, Room number EM 205, Engineering and Math Sciences Building, University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus, Adelaide 5005 (Venue sponsor: Adelaide University School of Economics)
How: Register >>Here

Note the following Venue information for the Launch and Competition Event
GovHack 2019 Launching event:

September 6th, 6 PM
Barr Smith South 3029, Flentje Lecture Theatre
The University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus
GovHack Competition Event
September 6th, 7 PM - September 8th, 5 PM
Level 2, Room Number EM 205
Engineering and Math Science Building
The University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus

What is GovHack? 
GovHack is an annual Open Data competition held across Australia and New Zealand. This International Hackathon competition is for people of all abilities who seek to make life better through open data. Across one weekend, competitors come together to form teams and solve challenges by creating innovative new projects.

A community event, the 46-hour competition weekend is organised and run by volunteers, with the aim to inspire innovative data re-use, with teams exploring openly released datasets and developing resourceful and imaginative concepts for their use, ranging in format from apps, projects, games or art.

  • 46-hour competition
  • Promotes STEM skills and fosters teamwork
  • Encourages problem solving, programming and storytelling skills
  • Youth and Adult categories
  • Local, state and national prizes

When is the GovHack Competition Weekend?
the GovHack weekend starts at 5.30pm Friday 6th September 2019 and closes 5pm 8th of September. In 46 hours, teams create a project page, proof of concept and a video that tells the story of how open government data can be reused. Prize categories are announced at 7pm Friday.
How can I get involved?
Register as a competitor – GovHack is a free event to attend for competitors and observers
Provide Sponsorship – money raised through sponsorship directly supports competitors.
Become a mentor – Are you an authority on datasets, or a subject matter expert?
Competitors will need guidance on data sets and experts to discuss their ideas, consider supporting the participating teams and be a GovHack mentor or coach.

Tell Me More!
Watch a sneak peak of what the GovHack competition can involve from the youth event held in Mount Gambier >>here  
Why is Open Data and GovHack important?
Open data provides transparency and can be used as a mechanism for identifying and solving social, economic and environmental challenges. GovHack provides an opportunity for the community, government, corporate and not-for-profit industries to collaborate, gain knowledge and develop new skills and perhaps new uses for existing data that provide community benefit.
Connecting Up Inc. is committed to open data, sharing SAcommunity for innovative re-use and public benefit for GovHack, contributing directory information to public information datasets at The SAcommunity team continue to be involved as data coaches and mentors during the connections (pre-competition) and competition events, supporting competitors and teams by providing guidance on datasets.

What type of Open Data is available?
Official Data for the GovHack Competition for 2019 is available in Hackerspace >>here:

Specifically, you can find South Australian Data on this list at Data.SA

Looking for SAcommunity open data to use in the competition?
The SAcommunity open data export can be found within the Data.SA website >>here

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