SAcommunity User Guide

Welcome to the SAcommunity User Guide

SAcommunity is an online South Australian directory of community services.
SAcommunity Editors are able to add, edit and manage their information online.
Do you have the following questions:
I have forgotten the password for our club! 
To be honest, I don't know if our club even had an account!
I'm the new SAcommunity editor at our council/library and I don't know what to do!

That's okay, select Login and Request new password
Enter the club's email address and the password will be emailed to this address.
If this email address wasn't registered the following message will display in red:
Sorry, ...........@.......... is not recognized as a user name or an e-mail address.
If this is the case, time to create an account!

Creating an Account
Creating an account on SAcommunity allows you to create a new entry, edit or update an existing entry or entries or export data depending on your level of access/permissions.
Instructions for creating an account can be found here: 

Claiming an Existing Listing

If a record of your organisation is already on SAcommunity and you would like to claim the entry and update the listing details yourself.
Instructions for claiming an existing listing can be found here:

Creating a New Listing

If your entry is not on SAcommunity and meets our criteria you can add a new listing
Organisations are eligible for inclusion on our site if they are non-profit and provide services that are available to the community. To add a new listing visit:
So I Created an account. What does this mean?
Creating an account on SAcommunity provides the first step in moderator access allowing a user to:

  • Create a new entry and add content - Authenticated user (i.e. Club secretary)
  • Edit or update a single entry - Record administrator/Record moderator (i.e. Club secretary)
  • Edit or update multiple entries - Record administrator
    (i.e. Secretary of organisation with multiple branches - Scouts and/or
    SAcommunity Editor in council or library) 
  • Edit or update all entries - SAcommunity Editor (i.e. Partner editors in councils or libraries)
  • Export SAcommunity data (JSON / CSV / Excel) - SAcommunity Editor
    (i.e. Partner editors in councils, government, organisational partners)

Depending on the level of access / permissions associated with your account. We approve access to your listing manually and control the level of access if you are an editor. Please contact us if you have questions.

What information should I add?
The SAcommunity directory provides short, succinct explanations and summaries of your service for reference. SAcommunity will edit entries to reflect the SAcommunity Style Guide and formatting required for standardisation of data across the directory. 
Short Training Videos created by Connecting Up Volunteers:
Sophie Hood
SAcommunity Editor Training Modules:
1)                  Training Module 1:

2)                  Training Module 2:

3)                  Training Module 3:

4)                  Training Module 4:

Comments and Services

Comments are short summaries of the organisation
Services explain the services directly provided by the organisation and are short and succinct.

Library of Congress Authorities provides an authority tool to establish a 'carrier of information' a more uniform and consistent access point for subjects used within these records. It is used here to define and describe information in a listing using authorized topics for an entry and assists to provide identification of subjects and in this case services.
MARC 21 Community Information provides a standard format for community information with descriptions of each data element and is used here to assist in the creation and maintenance of community information records.

Deleting a listing
Some editors wish to delete a listing from the directory.
We mark the listing as (Closed 2019) before removing so Google can cache it as closed. It is then removed from the database by the Super Admin.

Deleting the listing from the front-end means that the listing remains as 'unapproved' on the back-end in CiviCRM so it can be re-instated and will remain on export lists. Let us know if you are an editor and need to delete a listing and we can undertake this task on your behalf.   

The SAcommunity website is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence. © Copyright 2019