Macclesfield Oval and Sporting Complex

Organisation Address
Davies Street Macclesfield, SA 5053
Organisation Phone
08 8388 9242 Bookings/General Enquiries
Organisation Phone
0408 840 563
Organisation Email
PO Box 112 Macclesfield, SA 5153
Parent Body:
Macclesfield Recreation Grounds
call to book.
President - Colin Matchoss
Treasurer - Cheryl Gillies
Bookings - Brenton Handke,
fees to hire venue
Venue hire

 bar open till 11.30pm for organised events. 1am close.

capacity 120

  • 3 netball courts, clubrooms, cricket pitch, 5 tennis courts, oval
  • Complex building available for hire for functions by clubs, associations or private parties
  • Bar and equipped kitchen
Last updated: 10/05/2019
Information provided by: Mount Barker District Council
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