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If you have performed a search that returned 0 results, this may indicate either that the organisation or content you are looking for is not currently included in the directory, or that an alternative search strategy is needed.

If an organisation is not listed in the directory, please add it if appropriate for you to do so (ie you are associated with the organisation and authorised to add it), or notify Connecting Up so that we can add it.

If a different approach to searching is needed, please follow the suggestions below:
  • Type the name of the organisation you’re looking for – eg Meals on Wheels, Red Cross. Or type the kind of service you're looking for - eg bereavement, mediation, autism.
  • Keep it simple. If you're looking for a particular organisation, just enter its name, or part of its name. If you're looking for a particular service, program or place, start with its name. Simple is good.
  • Describe what you need using as few terms as possible. Fewer words will usually result in more results, more words will return fewer results. If necessary, add words to make your search more specific.
  • Choose descriptive words to increase your chance of getting relevant results. Words that describe general concepts like ‘health’ or ‘community’ are not as useful as more specific terms such as ‘diabetes’ or ‘community centre’.
  • If you want an exact match to a search string that consists of more than one word, use single quotes eg ‘Connecting Up’.
Please note that:
  • Search does not have a brain; it is a program that matches the words you enter to content in the database. Try different words or word combinations if at first your search does not succeed.
  • All the words you enter will be included in the search. There are some exceptions, for example ‘the’, ‘a’, ‘of’.
  • Search is not case sensitive.
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